Alexey Tikhonov | tearsheets
Citizen K Russia Covers, #1-2 and #6, 2012
Cover story for Intersection Russia.
May 2013
Football historians for Zenit Magazine
Gay Day. From St.Petersburg with Love.
For magazine.
Axel Witsel for Our Zenit Magazine
The making of TV film "Ash"
Hollywood Reporter Magazine
The making of TV film "Everything started in Harbin"
for Hollywood Reporter magazine
The Making of "Vosmerka" movie
for Hollywood Reporter magazine
Til Schweiger for Timeout St.Petersburg(producer Anna Fedotova)
Domenico Criscito for Prosport #16 2011(producer Anna Fedotova)
Nikolai Kopeikin for Rolling Stone #12 2010
Maharaja Express for Afisha-Mir 12 2010
Russky Reporter #46 (174)Sergei Shnurov
Prospot #7 2010
"Ogoniok" #44 (5153)Yuuko Kavaguti
Afisha Mir #74
Portfolio in F5 magazine (#78) 2010
Russky Reporter #41 (169)Vampires
Roman Shirokov.Cover story in Prosport magazine #17 2010
Russian Reporter #29(157)Brewery
Russian Reporter #14(142)Report on animation studio
Afisha Saint-Petersburg
Zagorod #4 July 2009 Summer camps for children
Snob, September 2009Vadim Lapin
Russian Reporter #21(100)cover story 'Schools: what should they teach us'
Russian Reporter #20(099)VII FID Domino World Championship, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Afisha Mir, June-July 2009
Bolshoy Gorod, #8 (229), april 2009Petr Mamonov, april 2009Kama Ginkas and Polina Tolstun
National Geographic Russia, march 2009Ekaterina Donskaya
Xyligan 02(82)Mr.Maloi
Afisha Saint-Petersburg #24(141)
Afisha Saint-Petersburg #16.133
Afisha Saint-Petersburg #10(127)
Afisha Saint-Petersburg #12(129)Hotels
Blacksquare, October-November 2008
Afisha Saint-Petersburg, 12(129)
Zagorod #9(21)Esperantists in Tichvin
Blacksquare, March 2008Anton Corbijn
Bolshoy Gorod #13(213)
Rolling Stone #8(38)Luba Love, porn actress
Book cover: Franklin Foer. How Soccer Explains the World(finnish translation)
Обложка путеводителя по Петербургу, Финляндия, 2005