Alexey Tikhonov

Born in 1976, studied electronics and then philosophy. Nevertheless, after graduation main occupation was interface design of various sorts.
Since 1998 interested in photography.

Personal exhibitions:

"Border", Audi Art Gallery, St.Petersburg, 2011
"Passenger", Stachka gallery, St.Petersburg, 2011
Fotodepartament, St.Petersburg, 2011
"13", "Odna" gallery, St.Petersburg, 2007
"Unpublished", showroom of "Adresa Peterburga" magazine, St.Petersburg, 2004
"Sun strike", Culture center Par.spb, St.Petersburg, 2004
"Night walks", Art center Mitki-Vhutemas, St.Petersburg, 2003
"1/2", Kyoto-bar, St.Petersburg, 2003
"Imagination that can't be refused", Freud Museum, St.Petersburg, 2003
"Line of Horizon", Freud Museum, St.Petersburg, 2002
"Dream Technique", Freud Museum, St.Petersburg, 2001

Group exhibitions:

"Holga - very bright”,FotoDepartament ,  St.Petersburg, 2007

"Blitz-R” Festival, Artists Union gallery,  St.Petersburg, 2006
"Cheshire landscape”, «Rakhmaninov courtyard» gallery,  St.Petersburg, 2006
"Decisive moment" , Central exhibtion hall "Manege", St.Petersburg, 2006
"Underconstrussian”, Ikejiri Institute Of Design, Tokyo, 2005
"Rhytms of the century. Reportage without borders", Central exhibtion hall "Manege", St.Petersburg, 2004
International Digital Art Awards, Australia, USA, 2004
"Dedication", department of history museum of St.Petesrburg "Rumyanzev mansion", 2003
"One photo exhibition", National Centre of Photography, 2003
"Streets-faces, years-houses", department of history museum of St.Petesrburg "Rumyanzev mansion", 2003
"Reality of illusions and myths of St.Petersburg",Central exhibtion hall "Manege", St.Petersburg, 2003
"Master-Class", Central exhibtion hall "Manege", St.Petersburg, 2002
"How Do You Do?", Lithuania, 2001
Exhibition on a sea-catamaran "Blagovest", St.Petersburg-Baltic states, 2000
"Songs of innocence and experience. Four young Petersburg photographers", Museum of nonconformist culture (Culture Center Pushkinskaya 10), St.Petersburg, 2000
"Everything we've wanted. Young St.Petersburg photography", Navicula Artis stories, St.Petersburg, 2000


"Afisha", "Afisha-Mir","Bolshoy Gorod", "Russky Reporter", "National Geographic Russia", "Zagorod", "Sobaka.Ru", "Elle", "DP", "Adresa Peterburga", "Student", "Petersburg on Nevsky", "Calendar", "City", "TimeOut", "Expert", "Ogonyok", "Salon Interior", Private (Italy)