Alexey Tikhonov

Patched Zenphoto Single Sign-On developed by misterbrandt

Quote from original description (changes in bold italic):

The plugin is hopefully pretty self-explanatory:

  • When you log in to Wordpress, you are auto-logged in to ZenPhoto.
  • When you log out of Wordpress, you are auto-logged out of ZenPhoto.
  • No changes are required to your Zenphoto installation–the plugin is completely self-contained.
  • You can even log in and out of Zenphoto separately from Wordpress if you wish (although logging in/out of Wordpress will override the login state of Zenphoto)

How it works/what it does: When a user logs in to Wordpress, the plugin checks to see whether they are authorized to perform a certain capability, as defined by the user’s role (Administrator, Author, etc.) by default, the plugin required that the user be able to “publish_posts” in order to be logged into ZenPhoto. You can easily change the required capability (configuration options can be changed directly in the plugin file)

It also adds small widget to wordpress dashboard with link to zenphoto administration

To configure and install this plugin: The plugin needs to know

  • Your ZenPhoto username
  • Your ZenPhoto password
  • Your ZenPhoto Augment password hash (found in options/general tab of admin interface)
  • What capability must the Wordpress user have to get admin access to Zenphoto? (‘publish_posts’ by default)

Set these options in the top of the plugin file, then upload the file to your wp-plugins folder and activate the plugin.

Visit the corresponding forum thread:

Current version - 0.3. Tested on Wordpress 2.9.2 and zenphoto 1.2.9